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About Tiffany Style Lamp

The Tiffany Lamp is an original work of art by the nineteenth-century American master artist Mr. Tiffany, combining exquisite modern craftsmanship with elegant, classical sensibilities to bring a gentle, antique style to modern life. Handcrafted from high grade stained glass inlay and welded together, it features rich colors, delicate workmanship, smooth and generous patterns, soft and dazzling lighting, and practical and luxurious shapes, igniting your passion for life and releasing extraordinary light!

The Tiffany lamp has a strong sense of period art and design, but lovers of the Tiffany lamp should be aware that this "individual" strong lamp also has high requirements for the home. Tiffany lamps are also suitable for a more 'heavy' style. If your home is minimalist and modern, this lamp may look out of place, or if it is light and rustic, a Tiffany lamp may look too heavy. The correct match would be with a traditional Chinese, Western, or nostalgic style home.
It is not difficult to understand why the Tiffany lamp fits in with the Western style, but why does it fit in with the Chinese home? In fact, as early as the Republican era, with the onset of Western culture, Tiffany lamps became a common accessory in the homes of many high-flying celebrities.

1. Stained glass
Tiffany lampshades are made of high-grade stained glass, the thickness of stained glass is generally <3 mm or so, different from ordinary glass, the surface is not very smooth, and most with patterns, stained glass is divided into flat glass, patterned glass, water patterned glass, spotted glass, bubble glass, translucent, fully transparent, stained glass features: all the colors are fired, never post-processing processing on the color, the color of any one cut is the same as the surface color, so the lampshade made of stained glass is never faded.

2. Copper foil
Copper foil is not visible on the surface of Tiffany's lampshades, as the glass cannot be soldered directly to the glass, so copper foil is wrapped around the edge of each piece of glass to act as a soldering aid. The copper foil is made of brass with adhesive on the back, about 0.2 mm thick and 4-6 mm wide.

3、Tin wire
Tin wire is also one of the important raw materials for Tiffany lampshades. The black lines that can be seen on the surface of the lampshade are tin wires, which serve to solder and connect the small pieces of glass together.

Production process
I: Solder wire Purely handmade, unlike mechanical production, the solder wire cannot be very, very even.

II: Glass There are many varieties of glass used in each lamp, including water-glass, speckled glass, color-hopping glass, patterned glass, etc. The surface is not as smooth as ordinary glass, with water-grain, cloudy, speckled, etc. Because the glass is flat and has to be made into a lampshade with curvature, the spliced part of the glass will occasionally be uneven. Each batch of glass has the same color number, but there are absolutely no two identical and 100% identical products, and it is normal for each piece of glass to have a small color difference or a natural glass crack.

III: the lampshade does not sound like glass as Tiffany shades cut the glass into small pieces and wrapped copper foil around it and soldered it with solder, which may lose the original crisp sound of the glass, but in no way does it mean that Tiffany shades are not made of glass. The more pieces of glass in the shade the more pronounced this characteristic becomes.
Care and Maintenance Editors Voice

Maintenance methods
1、Cleaning Ensure the cleanliness of the Tiffany lamps, after the dust has fallen, please use a dry cloth to wipe directly, please do not use water or detergent to scrub the lampshade.

2、Maintenance As a handicraft product, Tiffany lamps need care, after two to three months apart, due to the pollution of water and dust in the air, will make the Tiffany lamps lose their lustre, or the surface of the tin line becomes white, in this case, as long as you use a dry cloth with a little lubricant, in In this case, simply wipe the surface of the shade and base with a dry cloth moistened with a little lubricant and your luminaire will immediately regain its original lustre and color.

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