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Tiffany Lamp's new designs

Tiffany's new design lies in the pattern and colour of the lampshade, different patterns bring different feelings, for example, the pattern of flowers and plants will remind people of the garden, the natural environment, etc. Such a pattern will let people be in nature, physical and mental pleasure. Some people like animals and small individuals with life, so full of love, we design animal patterns on lampshades, which is an expression of love. There is also a geometric pattern, although this pattern does not have a specific form, but, as a kind of artwork, this pattern is a perfect expression of the construction of art, whether it is square, or triangular, whether it is wave or curve, it is the embodiment of people's mood, so no matter what the pattern of the lampshade is like, it is a symbol of the life that the designers give to the lamp, making the lamp fully reflect its role in people's lives. Expressing emotions.
Colour is also an important part of the Tiffany lampshade, the same pattern is often expressed in different colours, such as the classic dragonfly pattern, we will choose different colours such as green, blue, white, red and so on, because different colours also have different meanings, blue represents calm, red represents passion, white represents purity, green represents vitality, different personalities like different colours, having a lamp that you like is so satisfying.

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