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Comments from clients

1、This is a very nice lamp made in the "Tiffany" style.  The colors are rich and bold and the glass has a handmade look to it with small imperfections that would be normal for this kind of lamp.


2.What I love best about this table lamp is the light it casts. The lamp is well balanced and heavy. I've placed it on my bedroom nightstand because I enjoy reading in bed and this lamp, placed in the middle of the nightstand, casts an effective reading light.  The stained glass lamp shade does look handmade--I'm not an expert on these type of lamps--for the metal between the glass pieces has irregularities so it does not look mass produced. They may bother some who want a neat appearance, but I find it adds to the charm. The on/off switch is located on the cord which is different. My rating is 5 stars for a beautiful and functional lamp.


3.I didn't feel the need to include a picture with this review as in person the lamp looked exactly as it does in the pictures in this listing.  This is actually a big compliment because it actually does look hand made with all the glass pieces held together with led.


4.I found just the right place for this lamp near my front door. I placed it on an antique buffet that holds many of our family pictures.
This lamp looks so much better than the more modern lamp that it replaced.
This is a beautiful lamp and the soft, warm, low wattage bulb that I selected, gives my buffet a much improved appearance.


5.What a wonderful lamp. Looks more expensive than the price. Heavy all-glass shade, and the base is well made. Glad I purchased this to replace a broken tiffany-style lamp for my dining room.  Wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful, unique lamp for those who enjoy quality and style. I'm happy.


6.I really enjoy this lamp. The glow of the light that it casts is warm and light enough to read by but not "bright." It's ideal on the end table by my couch. The base doesn't take up too much space on my table top and the on/off switch is located on the cord about 8" down from the lamp so it's easy to reach the switch while the switch hangs off the side of the table. It's very nice.


7.I needed a lamp for a small end table that is older than I am. I was not finding one I liked at a reasonable price. Then my daughter found this one and I didn't really want to spend the money on it but I kept getting drawn back to it. Finally, I bought it and it is perfect. I have absolutely no complaints about this lamp at all.


8.I AM IN LOVE! I needed a plant light that is also decorative and I came across these beauties and couldn't resist. Love that it's both illuminate my plants and it looks good doing it!


9.The lamp looks just like it does in the pictures. It is so pretty lit up in a dark room. The colors are distinct and vibrant. I was worried about buying a Tiffany lamp online, but it was packaged so well it arrived in perfect condition. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.


10.The lamp arrived right on time. It was packaged very firmly and very protected for shipping. It was simple to put together and my elderly Mom loved it for her Birthday. It throws out just the right amount of light to be soothing. Colors are very vibrant on the shade. You will absolutely love it.

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