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Classification of table lamps

1. A seated light fitting that can be placed on a flat table stand, mostly with a shade.
2. A lamp designed or used for reading.
A table lamp is a household appliance used for lighting in people's lives. The bulbs used in table lamps are generally incandescent, energy-saving bulbs.
3. Near-sighted eye protection table lamp, using blue light, ultraviolet isolation technology, colour rendering index of 94 or more.

Table lamps, according to the use of functional classification are: reading table lamp, decorative table lamp, reading table lamp, portable table lamp.
The reading table lamp, with a simple and light body, is a table lamp specially designed for reading and writing, which can generally adjust the height of the lamp stem, the direction of light and brightness, mainly for lighting reading functions.
Decorative table lamps have a luxurious appearance, with a variety of materials and styles and a complex structure, used to embellish the space effect, the decorative function is as important as the lighting function.
The table lamp in the living room has gone far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become an incomparable work of art, and the decorative function of the lamp becomes more obvious under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration.

Table lamps are not only for reading and decoration. The latest technology is also like a robot that moves, dances, automatically dims, plays music, clocks, videos, touches and other functions, especially ceramic crafted table lamps also have a collector's value.
What a role lighting plays in home life. In the darkness of the night, light is a genie, a master of creating a warm atmosphere. Through the layers of light and shadow, the space is brought to life; during the day, the lamps become the decorative art of the living room, decorating life together with furniture, fabrics and decorative objects.

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