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The history of table lamps

IngoMaurer is a German designer born in 1931. The "poet of light" seems to be mentioned in design magazines large and small. IngoMaurer is undoubtedly the designer who has put the most effort and intelligence into light in the world.

IngoMaurer has designed more than 120 different types of lamps and lighting fixtures, and has created countless exhibitions, public spaces, architectural installations and private spaces around the world. In 1966 IngoMaurer benefited from Pop Art and designed his first work: a table lamp with a huge light bulb, a tribute to Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light. Edison. For more than 30 years afterwards, IngoMaurer continued to create for the poetic pursuit of light - the beauty of simplicity.
In 1992, Lucellino floated down to earth on poetic angel wings - IngoMaurer's most acclaimed and best-selling work. The Munich-based "poet" is neither a minimalist nor a designer who clings to design theories. Only the quest for "infinite variety" is what IngoMaurer's work is meant to calmly illustrate. For him, design is an interesting science that can be inspired by everyday life. The creation of a piece can be described as a chance encounter with inspiration, which IngoMaurer captures with his quiet sensitivity and reveals the beauty of everything to a pair of shining eyes with his poetic temperament. It is IngoMaurer's experimentation and innovation with the material of light that is the prerequisite for his poetic works. Ever since he was a school printer, Ingo has been thinking about the use of "paper" to shape light.
Lampampe (1980) and Zettel'z (1997) were created from paper. The use of fabric and the creation of sculptural visuals is another feature of Ingo's designs. IngoMaure is also at the forefront of technology and is a 'pioneering poet'.
When LED (light-emitting diode) technology first appeared, IngoMaure immediately applied it to the design of LaBellissimaBrutta (1997), giving the new technology a poetic glow. Subsequent designs by ohoodoo (1999), Stardust (2000) and El.E.Dee (2001) have continued the poetic design aesthetic of IngoMaure's experimental style and technological pioneers.

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