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What lamps and lanterns are good for living room

What lamps and lanterns are good for living room Installation of living room lamps and lanterns notes

The decoration of our living room is very important to us, no matter in which aspect of the decorative furniture and design and to be coordinated, such as the living room lamps, it is very much in the variety and style. In the choice of time need to be based on personal preferences and space size, style to determine, then the following we will understand, living room with what lamps and lanterns good and installation of living room lamps and lanterns attention.

What lamps and lanterns are good for the living room

1, the living room is the most important space in our home, it's very important to us, because the living room of our home is sometimes needed to entertain guests, its design and decoration also represents our personal taste and quality. Living room lighting as the main lighting, must be patiently observed and carefully selected before finally buying home. Make it give full play to its advantages and provide lighting for our lives more efficiently.

2, our living room as the most important place to receive guests, so not only in the choice of lamps and lanterns style to seriously, we living room lamps and lanterns brightness is also very important. Choose living room lamps, should be the first consideration of brightness, followed by the opulent shape. There is also the need to select according to the style of home decoration, with the overall style.

Installation of living room lighting notes

1, we generally after the purchase of lamps and lanterns to be installed, then the method of installation or installation of some attention, many people may not necessarily understand. Then in the masonry structure of the installation of electrical lighting devices, should use pre-buried hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs fixed, the use of wooden wedges is strictly prohibited. When the design is not specified, the load-bearing capacity of the above fixings should be matched with the weight of the electrical lighting installation.

2, in some places where the danger will be greater, the installation of lamps and lanterns should be less than 2.3 metres in height from the ground. Outdoor installation of lamps and lanterns, the height from the ground should not be less than 3 metres, when installed in the wall, the height from the ground should not be less than 2.5 metres.

3, there is another we should pay special attention to, if this one thing is not done carefully, it is likely to threaten our life safety, ceiling lamp power into the wire connection, electrical contact should be good, it is best to use black tape wrapped, and keep a certain distance. If possible try not to put the wires under the same piece of metal to avoid the danger of short circuit.

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