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The installation of the luminaire

The installation of the luminaire is divided into ceiling-mounted, chain-mounted, tube-mounted, wall-mounted and recessed.

1, wall mounted on the wall lights. Attached to the wall mounted on the wall, column, mainly for local lighting, decorative lighting, not adapted to the ceiling mounted lamps or no ceiling premises.

2, fixed in the ceiling surface (such as ceiling lights). Suction item lights are lamps sucked and affixed to the ceiling surface, mainly used in rooms without suspended ceilings.

3, embedded fixed in the ceiling (such as embedded when the luminaire is embedded in the grille lights of the ceiling items). Recessed lights are embedded in the ceiling and installed in the wall. Most of the recessed lights are suitable for rooms with suspended ceilings.

4. Suspended and fixed in the ceiling (e.g. pendant lamps). The light is suspended and fixed to the room item by means of a pendant chain or a pendant rod. Pendant lamps are generally installed in places with high decorative requirements or with local lighting requirements.

Installation tips

1、When installing lamps and lanterns, you can save a lot of trouble if you install a sub-control switch.

2, The lighting system should be set to be adjustable, i.e. when the light is felt to be dim or harsh, it can be adjusted.

3, The colour temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of the living room, or at least similar to the colour temperature of the rest of the living room.

4, do not just install a single lighting source in the centre, for better lighting in the kitchen, a multi-level lighting system consisting of different lamps and light sources should be installed in the kitchen.

5. The location of the installation is also important. Straight incandescent or fluorescent lamps should be installed in the front part towards the cabinets. This way, some of the light from the lamp will be directed towards the backsplash and then reflected onto the worktop before being directed towards the centre of the entire space.

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