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The craft of Tiffany lighting

I:. Weld line Purely handmade, unlike mechanical production, the weld line cannot be very, very even.

Two: Glass There are many varieties of glass used in each lamp, including water-glass, speckled glass, colour-hopping glass, patterned glass, etc. The surface is not as smooth as ordinary glass, with water-glass, cloudy, speckles, etc. Because the glass is flat, now it has to be made into a lampshade with curvature, so the spliced part of the glass will occasionally have unevenness. Each batch of glass has the same colour number, but there are absolutely no two identical and 100% identical products, for each piece of glass on the shade has a very small colour difference or natural glass cracks are normal phenomenon is not a product quality problem!

Three: the lampshade does not sound like glass as Tiffany shades cut the glass into small pieces and wrapped copper foil around it and soldered it with solder, which may lose the original crisp sound of the glass, but in no way does it mean that Tiffany shades are not made of glass. The more pieces of glass the shade has, the more obvious this characteristic becomes.

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