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How to place the lamp

① Suitable height: 50 cm < desk lamp from the desk height should be > 40 cm more appropriate (the best choice of adjustable height desk lamp) so that we can better meet our reading lighting, while the luminous range can also illuminate the surrounding environment at the same time. The distance between our eyes and the book is also important, around 30 cm, so that we can see the writing clearly and are not overly tired. The height of the lamp from the desk

②Appropriate position: right hand writing, desk lamp to be placed on the left front of the body desk lamp placement can not be placed directly in front of the person, which will produce reflected glare on the paper, and to pay attention to avoid the shade of the hand and the shade of the head; advice: when choosing a desk do not choose that smooth desktop, easy to reflect the discomfort caused.

③ with the main light together with the use of desk lamps: try to reduce the difference between the room light and dark, if we are more than 20 minutes of reading, it is best to turn on the main light of the room, and desk lamps together, so as to reduce the difference between the light and dark for our eyes better! Especially when children are studying! Remember to turn on the main light for long periods of time, whether it is an eye lamp or not! Note: Try to avoid using your eyes for long periods of time, it is recommended to choose some desk lamps with a timed rest function, whether it is for office or study, you should leave the desk for a break for half an hour or so, which can help to relieve eye fatigue!

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