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Classification of luminaires

The early lamps were simple in shape, with the upper plate and lower base connected by a column in the middle. Over the centuries, the function of the lamp has gradually changed from a single utilitarian function to a combination of practical and decorative functions. The shape was elaborate and richly decorated, reflecting the aesthetic fashion of mainstream society at the time.

Every change has affected the development of lighting companies. Thanks to the development of LED lighting technology.
Modern lighting includes home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting, etc. Home lighting from the birth of electricity appeared in the earliest incandescent bulbs, later developed to fluorescent tubes, and then to later energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED special material lighting, etc., all the lighting fixtures are still mostly under the development of these light sources and development, such as from the electric lamp holder to fluorescent lamp holder to all kinds of craft lighting, etc..
The light source for commercial lighting is also developed on the basis of incandescent lamps, such as halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. The lamps and lanterns are mainly of two kinds: spot and flood, signs, advertisements, special windows and background lighting, etc. are constantly being developed in response to the development needs.
Industrial lighting light source is based on gas discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps, combined with other lamps and lanterns, such as waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof and other requirements to customize, but industrial lighting is the need for caution, especially in the selection of light sources and lamps are delicate, such as the colour of clothing production, fabric texture in different light sources produced by the effect is not the same, the choice of lamps and lanterns are mainly considered reflectivity, illumination, maintenance factor, etc..
The lighting appliance industry as a daily consumable, with the emergence of new light sources such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED, etc., so that the lighting fixtures have undergone a radical evolution. Everything is working towards a more energy-efficient, green and environmentally friendly perspective. The abundance of light sources and multiple choices have also enabled a new page to unfold in the lighting fixture industry. With city squares, traffic roads, newly renovated communities, home decorations, shopping malls and office buildings all needing to be decorated with lamps and lighting, the demand for lighting products in urban construction will continue to grow.
Road lighting and landscape lighting on the choice of lamps and lanterns is completely different, do not think that just lighting can be, road lighting can not be the pursuit of beauty and ignore the safety of illumination and fog permeability, while the choice of landscape lighting fixtures and light sources should be fully considered energy-saving and beautiful, because the landscape lighting does not need so high illumination, as long as the creation of a lighting feature can be.

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