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Features of chandeliers

Chandeliers are suitable for living rooms. The most popular chandeliers are candelabra chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped chandeliers, pointed and flat chandeliers, girdle chandeliers, five-fork orb chandeliers, magnolia chandeliers and olive chandeliers. The single-headed chandelier is used in the bedroom and the dining room, while the multi-headed chandelier is suitable for installation in the living room. The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be not less than 2.2m from the ground.

① Candelabra chandeliers
The European classical style of chandelier is inspired by the ancient way of lighting people's candelabra, when several candles were placed on the hanging ironwork. Today many chandeliers are designed in this style, except that the candles have been replaced with bulbs, but the bulbs and holders still look like candles and candelabra.

②Crystal chandeliers
There are several types of crystal lamps: natural crystal cut and ground shaped chandeliers, heavy lead crystal blown chandeliers, low lead crystal blown chandeliers; crystal glass mid-range shaped chandeliers, crystal glass pendant chandeliers, crystal glass die-cast cut shaped chandeliers, crystal glass bar chandeliers, etc.
Most of the crystal lamps on the market are made of imitation crystal, but the material used for imitation crystal is different, good quality crystal lamps are made of high-tech materials, while some substandard crystal lamps even use plastic as the material for imitation crystal, the light and shadow effect is naturally very poor. Therefore, it is important to compare and identify carefully when purchasing.

③ Vintage chandeliers
A classically shaped chandelier, bright and sharp, suitable for the foyer area. At the entrance, the bright light gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere, while the pattern will tell guests who are flamboyant and impetuous that this is a traditional home. One thing to note: the size and style of the light fixture should match the living room. Alternatively, add spotlights if you want to highlight the screens and decorations.

④ Stylish chandeliers
Most homes may not want to be decorated in a classical European style and modern style chandeliers tend to be more popular. There are many styles of chandeliers on the market with a modern feel, and there is plenty of scope for selection, with all kinds of lines available.

Consumers are advised to choose chandeliers that can be fitted with energy saving light sources. Do not choose a chandelier with a plating layer, as the plating layer is prone to colour loss over time. Choose chandeliers that are made of the same material inside and out, such as all metal and glass.
Luxury chandeliers are generally suitable for duplexes, while simple low-voltage floral lamps are suitable for ordinary homes. The most upmarket and expensive chandeliers are crystal chandeliers, but there are very few real crystal chandeliers, so it is best for consumers to choose a chandelier with a sub-control switch, so that if the chandelier has more light heads, it can be partially lit.

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