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Light pollution

In light pollution, the first to be harmed is the eyes, and instant glare can even cause temporary blindness of the eyes. Ordinary light pollution can also cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, the incidence of cataracts can be as high as 45%, thus causing visual fatigue and vision loss, but also make people dizzy, and even insomnia, loss of appetite, physical weakness and other similar symptoms of neurasthenia.

Color light pollution is one of the more harmful to the human body, the intensity of ultraviolet light produced by the black light commonly found in dance halls is much higher than the intensity of ultraviolet light in the sun, and harmful to the human body for a long time, the human body can induce nosebleeds, tooth loss, cataracts, and even lead to leukemia and other cancerous changes if it receives this kind of exposure for a long time. Scientists have shown that color light pollution is not only detrimental to human physiological functions, but also affects the psychological health of people.

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