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Creative lighting

Electric light is a major invention of mankind to conquer the darkness of the night, having a bright light, let us break the darkness of the night. Modern lighting, has not only been used as lighting, a beautiful lamp, the night can create a romantic atmosphere through the layers of light and shadow

Creative lighting can be broadly divided into the following categories.

1, more fun lamps and lanterns, to meet the psychology of human fun
Examples are as follows: the design of the quirky table lamp, the use of a pistol to control the closure, shoot at it, its head will bend, and then the light will be closed, just like a moment of head explosion, the head fell backwards.

2, creative lighting for environmental purposes.
Examples are as follows: have not thought about the usual has been thrown countless times the mineral water bottle can also be transformed into a wonderful light fixture? This water bottle lamp may make you will not litter in the future.
Mineral water bottles are transformed into this screwed form, here is a simple form of use after screwing, the refraction between the light to form a beautiful light, in order to play a sense of environmental protection.

3、Creative lighting for the purpose of super fashion.
You can see that it is designed as a prototype of the iPod, its own control button, here on the lamps and lanterns into the form of led, you can carry out 359 degrees of flexible rotation, to illuminate all directions, very interesting form.

4、Creative lighting for the purpose of energy saving.
Examples are as follows: designed by Italian designer Giulio iacchetti, in the external fluorescent tubes plus seven hazy lampshades, the color of the lampshades can be discretionary. Originally ordinary fluorescent lamps, after adding different colors of lampshades, also become special, also has a directional, the top of the lampshade can be rotated according to their own form. When you need a light source, you can twist the lampshade to your own direction, and if there are several people under the lamp, they can also be in charge of their own "lights". This will achieve the effect of energy saving.

5, purely creative products designed for the purpose of lamps and lanterns.
Extremely creative lighting, personalized lighting dazzle you and my room.
With the increasingly developed social living standards, people are no longer simply pursue the lighting role of lamps and lanterns, the decorative role of lamps and lanterns also have a certain demand, so in some economically developed areas, there are already some manufacturers specializing in the production of creative lighting, the soul of the enterprise focus has been placed on the design of lamps and lanterns.

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