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Classification of wall lamps

Living room lights
Generally speaking, if the living room space is high, it is appropriate to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a larger round chandelier, which can make the living room looks rich and magnificent. If the living room space is low, available ceiling lamps plus floor lamps, so that the living room will look bright and generous, with a sense of the times. Floor lamp with the sofa next to the sofa side of the coffee table with a decorative craft table lamp, if the wall in the vicinity and then place a lower wall lamp, so the effect is even better. Not only reading books, reading newspapers when there is local lighting, but also in the meeting and conversation added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. The wall behind the TV can also be installed a small wall lamp, soft light, to protect eyesight.

Bedroom light
Bedroom light to soft, warm tones. Available wall lamps, floor lamps to replace the central interior overhead lights, wall lamps should be used to diffuse material shades with low surface brightness, the wall above the bed, installed a teal engraved glass wall lamp, with antique, elegant, deep flavor. Bedside table lamp available, if it is a double bed, but also on each side of the bed with a dimmer switch lamps, so that one of them reads a book or newspaper when the other is not disturbed by light.

Dining room lamp
Restaurant lampshade should be used with a clean appearance of glass, plastic or metal materials, so as to scrub at any time, and should not be used woven, yarn fabric lampshade or modeling complex, with pendant lampshade. Light source should be yellow fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps, light to warm warm colors. If the wall lamp with warm color is properly configured on the nearby wall, it will make the atmosphere more warm when entertaining guests, and can enhance appetite. The bathroom is a place to relax the body and mind, so use bright and soft light to evenly illuminate the entire bathroom. The area of the smaller bathroom, just install a ceiling light is enough; area of the larger bathroom, you can use a luminous canopy diffuse lighting or use the ceiling light plus wall sconce lighting. Washroom is appropriate to use wall lamps instead of overhead lights, so as to avoid water vapor condensation on the lamps affect the lighting and corrosion lamps. Use wall sconces for bathtub lighting, light into the bath, emitting a warm atmosphere, so that the body and mind extra relaxed. However, it should be noted that this wall lamp should have moisture-proof performance.

Lighting in the living room is no longer limited to the past "a room a light", how to use for flood lighting chandeliers, ceiling lights and for local lighting and special lighting wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. reasonably together to create a comfortable and pleasant light space of different moods, become a romantic family of updated requirements. And wall lamps, in which plays an increasingly important role.

There are more types and styles of wall lamps, generally common ceiling lamps, color changing wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, mirror front wall lamps, etc..

Ceiling lights are mostly installed in the balcony, stairs, corridors, aisles and bedrooms, suitable for long light; color changing wall lamps are mostly used for festivals and celebrations; bedside wall lamps are mostly installed in the upper left of the bed, the head can be universal rotation, the beam is concentrated, easy to read; mirror wall lamps are mostly used for decoration in the washroom mirror near the use.

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