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The material of the ceiling lamp

The choice of materials is directly related to the service life of the ceiling lamp, which is the ceiling lamp design should focus on and solve the problem, in addition, the texture of the material should not be ignored, which is directly linked to the consumer's visual and tactile senses. The materials used to make the lamps and lanterns are metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and so on, of which metal has a long service life, corrosion resistance, should not be aging, but easy to use for too long and obsolete. Relatively speaking, the use of plastic lamps and lanterns is relatively short, its aging rate is relatively fast, heat easily deformed. The service life of glass and ceramic lighting is also longer, and the material itself is more fashionable. The emergence of green materials on the market has also attracted the attention of designers at home and abroad, such as paper materials and so on. Green materials are the basis of green product design, and vigorous research and development of green materials will help the development and promotion of green products.

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