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The story of the lamp

It is hard to imagine what our world would be like without light. And lights, in fact, have many manifestations in our lives, either a bright light in life to light up the dark road ahead, or a light that is always waiting for us to return home from our wanderings in the distance, and in our hearts, these lights will never go out.

1, I like the lights in the city, like to be alone in the noisy city with the light of the lamp kept walking, the night is so charming, but always seems to be missing something, yes that is the light, if there is no light, the earth will be a silence.

2, a sea of people, only two people, is your dependence, to ask who they are - Dad, Mom; point lights, only one eternal shining, a kind of bring you warmth shining - to the light of home ......

3、Looking at the dark night in front of me, recalling the bright and soft light that had just gone out, my heart could not help but be filled with warmth and emotion. That soft light, like a bright eye, made me feel as if I was far away from the darkness and in a dreamy paradise with a bright skylight, warm and beautiful.

4. When it was late at night, the lights gradually went out, and it was one place after another that people went to sleep. The lights that are still on represent the souls of one after another who have not slept. They are in the quiet night, struggling, worrying or expecting and waiting.

7、Light, as insignificant as it sounds, is a seemingly small light, but it brings infinite courage and hope.

8、By this time the sky had turned from dark grey to light grey, the buildings in front of us were now silhouetted, and the lights had gone out one by one. The sky was already fish-belly white, and the brilliant sunrise, soon to shine on the desk in front of the window.

9. The light that snapped on in the darkness illuminated my heart. Two years later, one winter morning, the light came back on and my heart was once again immersed in warmth.

10、Love the light ghostly white light, just like my father for me to guide the light; just like my father for many years as one day accompanied me in countless nights ...... accumulate less into more, accumulate water into an abyss, drops of trivial things converge into a thick family love.

11、Today's bustling city is covered with all kinds of blinding lights, always giving people a feeling of being too stuffy to breathe. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

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