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Design of luminaires

Lighting design is divided into several categories: First, the design of lighting fixtures, such as residential or industrial lamps and lanterns. Second, the design of modern lighting outdoor lamps and lanterns. Third, urban lighting. Such as roads, buildings, neon lighting, etc. Fourth, the design of lighting specifically for commercial outlets, stages and other crowd gathering places.

Lighting refers to the use of various light sources to enhance the brightness of a particular place. Modern artificial lighting mainly uses electric lighting devices, while gas lamps (gas lamps), candles, oil lamps, etc. were used in the past.
Interior design lighting is the professional design of illumination and color temperature of various architectural environments. He must not only meet the requirements of indoor "brightness", but also play a role in setting the environment and atmosphere. Generally by the interior architect to request, electrical engineers to calculate, adjust. Lighting is also the use of artificial light or natural light to provide people with sufficient illumination (general lighting), or to provide good identification (road lighting, advertising signs, etc.), the emphasis of features (architectural lighting, accent lighting, etc.), or to create a comfortable light environment (residential lighting, etc.), to create a special atmosphere (commercial stage lighting), and other special purposes (biochemical, medical, plant cultivation, etc.) means

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  • My wife tipped over my just acquired 6 foot floor lamp. The globe in smashed. How do I order a new globe???

    Larry McKenna

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