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How to choose Tiffany table lamps

1. Study lighting should be bright and soft, and incandescent bulbs are more appropriate. The desk lamp of the writing desk should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs. It is advisable to select the desk lamp with 12 "or 16" lampshade, that is, the working desk lamp or writing desk lamp. The light source of the desk lamp is usually incandescent lamp and LED lamp. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase, which can not only help identify the title of the book, but also maintain the temperature and prevent the damp and rot of the book.

2. The bedroom should be equipped with several more lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., which can be adjusted and mixed at will, so as to create a warm atmosphere. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used to replace indoor ceiling lamps. The wall lamp should be with the lampshade upward, which can make the light in the bedroom soft and conducive to rest; You can also install a hanging main lamp at the appropriate position in the room and a wall lamp at the head of the bed, which should be controlled separately.

3. The dining table of the restaurant requires horizontal illumination, so it is advisable to select lamps or pull-down lamps with strong downward direct illumination, so that the pull-down height is 600mm to 700mm above the table, and the position of lamps is generally directly above the dining table. The lampshade is easy to scrub at any time. Floor lamps can also be used for lighting, and warm wall lamps can be appropriately configured on the nearby walls, which will make the atmosphere more warm when entertaining guests and increase appetite.

4. Ceiling lamps are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms and corridors, because the brightness of lighting in these places is not large, and there is much water vapor and dust. Ceiling lamps are easy to clean and protect bulbs. The lamps in the kitchen shall be installed in a place that can avoid steam and smoke. The lavatory shall use chandeliers.

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