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Tiffany table lamp disassembly

Step 1. The lamp head in the bayonet position with a pointed awl to remove the upper lamp head cover.

Step 2. Removed after seeing the internal connection line, and the white card wire parachute.

Step 3. Remove the wire from the head cover: directly pull the wire is not pulled out, you must use the cone to wire interface inside a corresponding wire interface, the metal piece inside pressed in, the wire can be pulled out. Then in the other wire metal sheet also pressed in, you can pull out the wire, has been pressed down the 2 metal plate corresponding to the interface can not be used, the next time in the installation of the lamp head, you can choose another 2 good unused lamp head wire interface.

After the wire is removed, if only the lamp head cover is bad, the lamp head cover will be replaced with a new one in the connection of the wire can be (connected to the wire directly see step nine), if the lamp head cover is bad, please continue to see below.

Step four. First pull out part of the light head wire.

If the parachute at the head can not pull out, the bottom wire to send some inside, the head there is still not pull out the wire parachute, the bottom of the black anti-slip pad to tear down (slowly tear, but also reuse it) you see the lower end of the pressure line buckle, if there is a pressure line buckle, then the pressure line buckle to open in the line to send in. Some pressure line buckle can be directly knocked open some need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws first. The following figure of the pressure line buckle without the screw staple can be directly buttoned open. (generally useful parachute will not use the pressure line buckle, the same role of the two, are to prevent the wire is pulled out).

Step five. Take down the white parachute: the parachute is divided into 2 parts, stuck together, the lower part of the main is stuck tight, the lower part of that stuck ring with an awl or a word screwdriver to push down, the parachute is separated into 2 parts, so that the upper part can be pulled out from the wire there.

Step 6. After the parachute down, if only the following plastic light head is broken, now you can replace the light head, rotate counterclockwise to spin down the plastic light head cover, and then replace a new one on. If you have glue at home, the head there can be a little glue, so the head will be more solid. After the change directly to see step eight.

Step seven. After the parachute down, now you can also replace the wire, the original wire at the bottom to pull out, in the bottom of a new wire through in on it. (such as the wire with dimmer switch). If the light body accessories are bad (such as glass, ceramic, hardware, resin accessories).

Step eight. Then the parachute in the installation, the first half of the lower part of the card fastening buckle through the wire, do not install the reverse, flat at the top, convex at the bottom, in the upper part of the parachute also through the wire, the upper end of the flat place must be aligned with the outer skin of the wire, and then the following card fastening buckle to the upper card tight.

If you really can't get into it, use a knife to cut the plastic on both sides of the protrusion, it is good to get stuck in.

Step nine. The next step is to insert the wire into the lamp head cover, can be directly inserted, inserted, pull out a little, pull out is connected. If you can pull it out, you can change another socket. Remember to be plugged in, do not plug in the same side.

Step 10. From the base there to pull back the wire, the parachute protruding part of the plug to the lower head out of the hole, and then the upper head stuck to the lower head.

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