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Repair of Tiffany lamp

1. Troubleshooting: the energy-saving lamp flashes intermittently after turning off the lamp, which is not the quality problem of the lamp. The main reason is that the installation of electrical lines is not standardized and the switch is set at the zero line. Just exchange the zero line and live line at the incoming end. If the switch with neon lamp is used, a micro flow path can still be formed after turning off the lamp, or if the double switch is installed by wire, sometimes there will be flash after turning off the lamp. 2. Maintenance of failure to light normally: the common causes are C6 breakdown (short circuit) or reduced withstand voltage (soft breakdown) of resonant capacitor, which should be replaced by polyester or CBB capacitor with the same capacity with withstand voltage above 1kV. Open circuit of lamp filament. If the lamp tube is not seriously blackened, 0.047 can be connected in parallel at both ends of the broken filament lamp pin μ F / 400V polyester capacitor for emergency use. R1 and R2 are open circuit or variable value (generally, R1 is more likely to fail), and 1 / 4W resistance with the same resistance value shall be used for replacement. If only one triode is found to be open, but one cannot be replaced, a pair of paired switches of the same model with voltage withstand above 400V shall be replaced. Precautions for table lamp use The size of the bulb shall match the lampshade to ensure that the bulb is just covered in the lampshade to avoid direct light to the eyes. The placement of table lamps also has a great impact on vision. Because most people write with their right hand, the desk lamp should be placed in the front left of their body. When writing, it will not form a shadow on the paper because of the shielding of their hands, and the light shining on the paper will not be reflected into their eyes to produce glare. The height of the table lamp is also important. Generally, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, they can see the handwriting clearly without excessive fatigue. Based on this calculation, the height of the desk lamp is 40 to 50 cm away from the writing, which not only ensures sufficient reading lighting, but also has a certain brightness of the surrounding environment. If the table lamp is too low, it will make the light shine in a too small range, and the surrounding is dark.

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