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Material of Tiffany Table Lamp

1. The color glass of Tiffany's lampshade is made of high-grade color glass. The thickness of color glass is generally less than 3mm. Unlike ordinary glass, the surface is not very smooth, and most of them have patterns. Color glass is divided into flat glass, pattern glass, water grain glass, spotted glass and bubble glass, which are translucent and fully transparent, Characteristics of colored glass: all colors are fired, not post-processing and coloring. The color of any section is the same as the surface color, so the lampshade made of colored glass will never fade.

2. Copper foil this material can not be seen on the surface of Tiffany's lampshade. Because glass and glass can not be directly welded, copper foil should be wrapped on the edge of each glass to facilitate welding. The raw material of copper foil is brass with glue on the back, about 0.2mm thick and 4-6mm wide.

3. Tin wire tin wire is also one of the important raw materials of Tiffany lampshade. The black line that can be seen on the surface of the lampshade is tin wire, which is used to weld and connect small pieces of glass together.

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