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Color matching of Tiffany Table Lamp

Now our living environment needs some color elements. It is not only a table lamp, but also a handicraft with collection value.

Various natural and beautiful ornaments with pastoral and rural style characteristics are gradually adopted and pursued by people in house design, and gradually occupy the focus of room decoration. Lighting selection pays more attention to the harmonious unity of design beauty and overall decoration, striving for harmony between man and natural environment, and creating an artistic life full of charm and elegance, They also began to appreciate the elegant lighting and other products designed by European and American Arts and crafts, and the color matching is becoming more and more diversified. For example, high-end lamps are needed to decorate the atmosphere in places such as high-end homes, clubs and luxury hotels, especially the colorful colored glass craft lamps are the first choice, and the demand for different lighting functions is growing. Second, the new theme of lamp production technology integrating energy conservation, environmental protection, quality assurance, inheritable and collection value shows that people pay attention to the living ecological environment.

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