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Brightness of Tiffany Table Lamp

Tiffany Table lamp is not very bright because of the poor light transmittance of colored glass, but the color of refracted light is very beautiful. Such light is highly decorative. Large table lamps can also be illuminated, but the focus is on decoration.

The illumination range of an 8-inch table lamp is generally 1-3 square meters

The 12 inch table lamp has a range of 3-5 square meters

The 16 inch desk lamp has an irradiation range of 5-10 square meters

If the main body of the lampshade adopts light color glass, the brightness of the table lamp is better. On the contrary, the brightness of the dark color glass is darker.

On the other hand, the brightness and darkness of the desk lamp also depend on the w number of the bulb used. The desk lamp can use 100 W bulb at most. However, due to the limitation of the size of the lampshade, if the LED is used, the size of the bulb should be considered first. Within the range that the lampshade can accommodate, the larger the w number of the bulb, the brighter the lamp will be.

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