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The price of Tiffany Table lamp

The price of Tiffany Table lamp is based on the following aspects

1. The size and price of the lampshade depend on the size of the lampshade. The smaller the lampshade, the cheaper the price, and the larger the lampshade, the more expensive the price.

2. The complexity of the pattern is the same as that of the lampshade of the same size. If the pattern is more complex, that is, the more pieces of glass are divided, the longer the time required for workers to weld. In this way, the more expensive the price is, the simpler the pattern is, the less pieces of glass are divided, and the less the price is.

3. Different glass materials, there are many kinds of glass used to make Tiffany lampshade, including flat glass, water grain glass, spot glass, translucent or transparent glass, among which flat glass is the cheapest, and the price of water grain and spot glass is more expensive. If the lampshade adopts water grain glass or spot glass, or other special types of glass, the price must be more expensive.

4. The color of glass is different, and the price of different glass colors is also different. For the same type of glass, generally, the darker the color, the more expensive the price.

5. Other prices

So the price of a lamp depends on many factors.

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