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Cleaning of Tiffany lamp

After the lampshade is made, Tiffany Table lamp will be coated with oil to protect the solder on the lampshade from oxidation and whitening, which will affect the beauty of the lampshade.

When receiving a new lamp, there may still be a layer of oil on the lampshade, which do not need to be cleaned deliberately, and will volatilize after a period of time.

If there is dust on the lampshade after a long time, the simplest way is to wipe it directly with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth or any cleaning agent, which will make the lampshade dark and dull, and the solder on the surface will be easy to turn white, making the whole lamp look unclean. It's best to wipe it with a dry cloth and then wipe it with tasteless oil, so that the lampshade will look more energetic.

Some people will be disgusted with the oil on the lampshade, so you can wipe it several times without oil, and it will be as bright as new.

The same is true for the cleaning of the lamp base. Just wipe it with a dry cloth without water or other cleaning agents.

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