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Tiffany Table Lamp style

1. It is made of high-grade color glass inlaid and welded. The crystal and lighting shell are made by hand. The color is rich and gorgeous, the pattern is smooth and generous, and the shape is luxurious.

2. Tiffany lighting is a famous heavy taste lighting brand. Its exaggerated appearance and unique foreign classical style will be out of place in your modern home, but it is this feeling that makes today's unique Tiffany lighting.

3. However, it is not that Tiffany lighting can be applied to all room design styles. For example, in the idyllic room dominated by freshness, lightness and nature, too heavy Tiffany lighting will appear very awkward. Colored glass. Tiffany's lampshade is made of high-grade colored glass. The glass surface is not smooth and has patterns of different specifications.

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