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Mediterranean style Tiffany Table Lamp

The Mediterranean style is based on brightness, boldness, rich colors, simplicity, nationality and obvious characteristics. Reproducing the Mediterranean style does not need too much skills, but maintains a simple idea, captures light, draws materials from nature, and uses colors and styles boldly and freely. Like other style schools, Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics. In terms of color selection, it generally chooses soft colors that are close to nature, pays attention to space matching in combination design, makes full use of every inch of space, and does not show cramped and atmosphere, liberating the open free space; It integrates decoration and application, avoids triviality in the combination and matching of cabinet doors, looks generous and natural, and makes people feel the ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste of Mediterranean style furniture from time to time; Its unique Roman column like decorative line is simple and lively, showing the breath of ancient civilization.

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