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Tuscany style

Tuscany architecture, also known as Italian garden, originated from Tuscany in central and Western Italy. It is one of the rural and pastoral styles in Europe.

In terms of architectural appearance, the texture of the building is generally expressed through natural materials, such as stone, wood and plaster. The red clay roof tiles and plaster wall coatings are very elements with Italian rural style. Tuscan architectural style is an idyllic garden style. Dense shade, fountains, wall decorations, courtyards, iron art, shutters and balconies, and even vines on partition walls contain the essence of Tuscan style. The design pays attention to the inspirational application of lines, shapes and color blocks.

Tuscany architecture is the representative of Italian architecture. It reminds people of hillsides, farms, vineyards and simple and rich pastoral life bathed in the sun. This area is characterized by its diversity. Florenza and its surrounding areas are ancient cities with a long history famous for art and architecture. Tuscany has preserved the dwellings of local people who have worked here for generations. As a result, rural farmhouses and beautiful villas are scattered all over this charming land.

Warmth is another vein of Tuscany style. Through the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and plaster, the rich material texture will carry forward this style. These centuries old houses have terracotta roofs with different heights and orientations, which produces a visual effect of rhythm, while the general feeling of the countryside is only one architectural style.

Usually, Tuscany style villas have a dramatic tower or rotunda at the entrance, which is higher than other ridge lines, giving people a strong sense of hierarchy, eternity and dignity.

Local flavor is also widely used in fountains, wall decorations, fireplaces and courtyards. The dramatic expression of the relationship between light and shadow in rock and plaster is also one of the essence of Tuscany style. Ironwork, shutters and balconies, especially the vine covered walls, also express the Tuscan style, looking for a mottled and uneven color in the warm golden tone.

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