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Southeast Asian style

1: A trendy style that is close to nature and can express body and mind.

2: Suitable for owners who like a comfortable life and usually have a collection of ethnic style jewelry.

3: In terms of house type, it is more suitable for large house type rooms with a construction area of more than or equal to 120 square meters.

4: It brings us a sense of nature and homely simplicity.

5: It is mainly made of solid wood, mainly teak (color: Brown and dark brown), with rattan furniture and cloth decoration (decorative effect). The commonly used ornaments and features include Thai pillow, sandstone, brass, bronze, wooden beam and window fall.

6: In terms of line expression, it is relatively close to the modern style, mainly linear. The main difference is in soft assembly accessories and materials. Modern style furniture is often metal products, machine products, etc., while the main materials of Southeast Asian style are solid wood and rattan. In soft assembly accessories, modern style curtains are more intuitive, while Southeast Asian style curtains are dark and colorful. It can change with the change of light!

7: Southeast Asian jewelry is full of Zen meaning and contains deep Thai classical culture, so it is characterized by Zen meaning, nature and freshness.

8: In terms of color matching, it is close to nature and adopts the color matching of some original materials.

9: Neutral color or medium color contrast color is adopted for soft fitting, which is simple and natural. Among them, the recommended color matching of the big house is: dark color with light color accessories, as well as colorful curtains and Thai pillows; The recommended color matching for a small house is: light color with colorful soft decorations.

10: Originated in Southeast Asia, while the domestic style originated in the Pearl River Delta. Because the Pearl River Delta is relatively close to Southeast Asia and its economic development is fast, it is better to introduce that style first.

11: It is used in the matching of handcraft, logs and raw materials.

12: Its regularity is stronger than European style.

13: The living room shall be selected with sufficient illumination, and the application of manual technology shall be grasped during construction.

14: More broad-leaved plants are used. If conditions permit, the matching of pool Lotus can be adopted, which is close to nature.

Take natural materials and original flavor

Southeast Asian style furniture advocates nature and original flavor. It is mainly made of rough and original pure natural materials such as water grass, seaweed, wood bark, hemp rope and coconut shell, with the smell of tropical jungle. Maintain the original color of natural materials in terms of color, most of which are dark colors such as brown, which visually gives people a smell of soil and simplicity; In terms of technology, it pays attention to manual technology and rejects the spirit of homogeneity. It is mainly woven or polished by pure hand, without any trace of industrialization. The simple taste is particularly strong, which is quite in line with the current value concept of people's pursuit of health, environmental protection, humanization and personalization. Therefore, it has quickly penetrated into the hearts of the people, and the aesthetic concept has also been rapidly sublimated into an attitude towards life.

Simple design, human nature, integration of Chinese and Western beauty

Southeast Asian furniture gradually integrates western modern concepts and Asian traditional culture in design. Through different materials and color matching, Southeast Asian furniture design not only retains its own characteristics, but also produces more colorful changes, especially Southeast Asian furniture with Chinese characteristics. The design that pays attention to detail decoration is more and more popular. The application of Southeast Asian furniture in materials also has its uniqueness. Most Southeast Asian furniture is made of two or more different materials. Rattan and wood chips, rattan and bamboo, and the width, narrowness, depth and shallowness of the materials form an interesting contrast. The mixed use of various weaving techniques makes the furniture work become a handmade work of art, and every detail is worthy of careful taste.

Exquisite ornaments set off unique quality

In terms of jewelry matching, you can often see the most eye-catching bright red Southeast Asian classic lacquerware, golden and red facial makeup, metal lighting, such as copper lotus canopy lamp, and copper chandelier with rough texture made by hand. These are the most national decorations, which can make the space exude a strong exotic flavor and full of Zen flavor, Quiet and projective philosophy.

The living room is mainly atmospheric and elegant. The wooden translucent sliding door and the decorative modeling of wall wood decoration divide the space with calm lines to replace all complexity and decoration. The design creates a sense of luxury with non artificial materials, which makes people feel innovative, unique and familiar living quarters.

The master bedroom adopts dark wood color, golden silk fabric, combined with the change of light, to create a sense of introverted humility.

At the entrance, simple and neat planning, wide space, visual relaxation, modern equipment, dark wood furniture and glass decorative walls, golden ceiling and exquisite chandeliers are all so harmonious and comfortable.

The main bathroom adopts the design of stone and mirror, which adds changes to it. Luxury is neither complicated carving nor magnificent decoration. As long as we make full use of the characteristics of materials, modern design can also convey the balance between vision and comfort.

Luxury can be comfortable, practical or close to life, conveying the modern design concept of leisure and luxury.

This style is characterized by primitive nature, bright color and advocating handicrafts. In terms of modeling, it is mainly symmetrical wood structure, and the TV wall adopts banana leaf sandstone modeling to create a strong tropical style. In terms of color, it is mainly warm and elegant neutral color, and locally decorated with gorgeous red, which is warm and gorgeous in natural warmth. In terms of materials, wallpaper, solid wood and diatom mud are used to deduce the original and natural tropical style.

In terms of furniture configuration, this case selects the thick and atmospheric huayuanxuan golden pomelo series furniture, with concise lines, auspicious patterns and simple design, which is worthy of careful taste. In accessories, gorgeous and luxurious colors and unique Southeast Asian elements make the room exude light warmth and long Zen rhyme.

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