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American style

1. Generally speaking, when you enter the door, you can enjoy the external public part of the home space. The living room and restaurant are used to entertain guests and entertain friends. In terms of material selection, they tend to be hard, smooth and gorgeous materials. The restaurant is basically connected with the kitchen, which has a large area, convenient operation and powerful function. On the other side of the kitchen opposite to the restaurant, there is generally a small light meal area. The multi-function of the kitchen is also reflected in the fact that interpersonal communication within the family is mostly carried out here. These two areas are connected with the living room into a large area and become the focus of family life.

2. The living room is generally lower and more peaceful than the living room, and more comfortable, flexible and warm material combinations are selected, which can effectively establish a warm and warm family atmosphere. TV and other entertainment products are also placed in this space. It can be imagined that under the sound and color of TV advertisements, the harmony of pots and pans, and the noise of children playing, this "three areas in one" is full of joy.

3. On the second floor, in addition to the bedroom where family members rest, the study, leisure and entertainment room, multi-function room, small living room and other spaces will be built according to the requirements and characteristics of the family, so as to meet the diversified requirements of the family. The design of toilet also pays attention to function, and safety and convenience are the primary consideration. In addition, the American pastoral style has great freedom in the selection of toilet materials, because Americans like bathing, and waterproof wallpaper, wood and other materials are also common on the wall.

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