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What are the classifications of domestic lamps and lanterns

The use of light and shade is very important when building a family home. This is because the different colors of the lighting in a room can create a different atmosphere.

The lamps commonly used in family rooms can be divided into the following types according to their function and layout.

1, chandeliers: there are multi-headed chandeliers and single-headed chandeliers, the former for the living room, the latter for the bedroom or dining room. Some of them have light bulbs installed in a milky white shade, so that the light is scattered softly, while others have the shade facing downwards, so that the light shines directly into the room and appears bright. There is also a shade that faces upwards, with the light shining onto the ceiling and then reflecting down to spread the light evenly, with a slightly weaker, softer and more pleasing light. Multi-head chandeliers are available in a variety of floral shapes with frosted glass shades, in one or more layers, in colours such as colourless, pure white, pink, light blue, light green, golden yellow, cream and crystal. Single-headed chandeliers, mostly in the form of cream spherical chandeliers or flowerpot-shaped chandeliers. There is also a serpentine tube adjustable lift chandelier with a large shade made of either glass or plastic, with the bulb placed inside the shade, which is of various shapes and colours and is often used on the roof above the dining table. 2.

2. Table lamps: often used in bedrooms, bedside tables, low cabinets or study writing desks, in a wide variety of colours. There are usually two types: craft table lamps and writing table lamps. Craft table lamps are available in polished glass, ceramic glaze, cloisonné and plastic sprayed products, emphasising artistic modelling and decorative effects. The writing desk lamp has a metal snake skin tube work lamp, clip-on spring swing arm suspension desk lamp, pedestal dimmable all-plastic desk lamp, pedestal dimmable enamelled desk lamp, brass pedestal classical column slotted single porcelain shade desk lamp, slotted double porcelain shade desk lamp, classical candlestick type desk lamp, classical paraffin lamp type desk lamp, double-headed mother-of-pearl glass desk lamp, etc. The function is for reading and writing, the lampshade is mostly opaque or semi-opaque to make the light concentrated. Incandescent bulbs should be used as far as possible and low wattage fluorescent lamps should not be used, as they can have a detrimental effect on the human eye.

3. Ceiling light: also known as ceiling light, widely used in foyers, aisles, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and other places. Ceiling lights are suitable for low and medium grade, common type decorative packages. The lampshades are available in glass and PS panels, in opal and ice-flower styles, and in square, rectangular, round, spherical and cylindrical shapes. The light is soft, even, plain and generous.

Down-lighting: can be decorated on the roof, above the bed, in the cupboard, on the wall, etc. It can also be hung, floor or overhead. Several rectangular, tube-shaped downlights can be installed in foyers, living rooms and bedroom ceilings; glass-covered, concave groove downlights in bathrooms; symmetrical downlights on both sides of bedroom beds; and light green-covered downlights near televisions. Sculptural downlights are more like works of art and have become popular in recent years.

Track spotlights: pure white or beige painted metal or enamelled track spotlights, which can be focused on a painting, a sculpture, a pot of flowers or even the back of a swivel chair, creating a colourful artistic light effect. It can be used in the living room, foyer or bedroom, either with one or more lights. Its colour, quantity and position should be in line with the shades of the furniture, and the height is usually 10?D20cm under the ceiling, or in a corner of the house.

The colour of the lampshade is green on the outside and white on the inside of the grooved glass shade, which has a health effect on the eyes; the black outer skin and white lining of the metal enamel shade will make the light gather and reflect the light cast on the writing desk, which is good for writing. The metal opaque shade, with its dark surroundings, is also good for concentration.

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