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Craft decorative glass table lamp

Home decoration dining room floor made of glass to the following also have to install lights how to do this process ah? The light is a strip of light or what ah?
The first thing is to put the wire over, according to the design to leave the light slot, and then in the light slot to install LED lights, and finally paving tempered glass or laminated tempered glass. I hope my answer can help you!
Now that I know the principle of making electric bulbs, how is the glass housing of electric bulbs made, and what is the principle and material?
The glass is blown out, the principle is to burn the glass into a molten state, and then blow up inside, similar to blowing a balloon, but more difficult than that. The material is glass, you have to ask the composition, ordinary glass is mainly silicate (Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O-CaO-6SiO2, etc.), pure quartz glass is silicon dioxide.
There are engaged in the decoration? Corridor inside the line under the glass should be placed inside what light suitable
This is generally put T5 lamps, led lamps are also OK.

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