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What are the commonly used lamps in decoration?

The role of lamps and lanterns in home decoration Like the finishing touch, the choice of lamps is the final finishing touch. There are a wide range of lamps in the cotton team market. What are the functions of those lamps and where are they suitable for use?

a chandelier. In particular, the multi head chandelier is elegant, elegant, solemn and bright. Therefore, it is suitable to be installed in the living room to create a good atmosphere for ladies to have dinner and receive guests The single head chandelier is suitable to be installed in the restaurant because of its convenient cleaning and real lighting The chandelier has both lighting function and strong decoration

Fluorescent lamp: fluorescent lamp is widely used for lighting by thousands of households because of its energy saving, soft lighting and uniform shadowless Its main function is lighting

Ceiling lamp: the light of ceiling lamp is soft, the shape is simple, simple and generous, and the price is low. It is mainly used as the main lamp in the living room, or in the kitchen, toilet, walkway and balcony The ceiling lamp with damp proof function is especially suitable for wet places such as kitchen and bathroom

Wall lamp: the light of the wall lamp is soft, warm and adjustable, so it is indispensable in the bedroom. The wall lamp is widely used in the living room of European design

Spotlight: spotlight is a purely decorative lamp. Because it can concentrate the light beam, spotlight can be used to draw people's attention to a handicraft, a painting or a small decoration, a souvenir or a small shape you carefully arrange

Desk lamp: the desk lamp is mainly used in the study, children's room and desk. The light of the desk lamp is concentrated and uniform, which can adjust the width and direction and protect eyesight. The desk lamp has many shapes and integrates ornamental, interesting and practical. It is very popular

Floor lamp: the lamp pole of floor lamp can be folded. One pole has multiple lamps. Multiple lamps can be turned on at the same time or only one lamp can be turned on. The lamp can be strong or weak, and can be moved. It can be used to adjust the atmosphere in the hall or room

What are the cast iron lamp technology and forged iron lamp technology, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

With gray cast iron as the main material and casting as the main process, it has various patterns and strong decoration. \R wrought iron takes low-carbon steel profiles as the main raw materials, surface banding, mechanical bending and die forging as the main processes, and manual forging as the auxiliary processing.

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