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What are the decorative lamps

(1) Living room

1. Chandelier decorative lighting this is a lighting mode centered on large chandeliers. The characteristic of chandelier is eye-catching, so the style of chandelier directly affects the style of the whole living room. European style chandeliers with metal ornaments and glass ornaments are magnificent. Wooden Chinese palace lanterns and Japanese style lamps are full of national flavor. The chandeliers composed of glass covers in different colors are beautiful and generous. Bead curtain lamps give people a sense of excitement, dazzling and gorgeous, while the chandeliers made of floating soft cloth and silk are beautiful, pleasant, soft and warm. Chandeliers, especially large chandeliers, have corresponding requirements for the floor height and area of the living room. They must be selected according to local conditions.

2. Track type spotlight lighting is a typical modern school lighting without main lamp and established mode, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere in a variable way. Install the track system on the top or wall of the living room, so that the mini spotlight can illuminate at all angles independently. If a series of small spotlights are combined, the light can change into wonderful patterns. Since the small spotlight can change the angle freely, the effect of combined lighting is also changeable.

3. Light eaves art lighting light eaves lighting is a kind of concealed lighting, which mainly has two kinds: one is to use the opaque eaves plate parallel to the wall to cover the light source and illuminate the wall, bringing dramatic light effect; The second is to raise the cornice to reflect the light from the ceiling, so that the ceiling has a floating effect, forming a hazy feeling and creating a more charming atmosphere. It can cooperate with wall lamp or ceiling lamp in other ways, such as better effect.

4. Ceiling lamp decorative lighting this kind of lighting is suitable for the living room with low height or the multi-purpose room with the function of receiving guests. If the living room area is less than 10 square meters, single lampshade ceiling lamps should be adopted. If the living room area is more than 10 square meters, multi lampshade combined ceiling lamps or multi flower decorative ceiling lamps can be adopted. The selected ceiling lamp must have translucent bright side to avoid too dark ceiling. However, it should also be noted that the bright side is not fully transparent, otherwise the overall lighting effect will be damaged.

(2) Restaurant chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and downlights can be used as the choice of restaurant lamps. If the floor height of a general room is low, downlight or ceiling lamp should be selected as the main light source. If the dining room is narrow and the dining table is close to the wall, there is no need to choose the chandelier as the main light source. The need for lighting can be obtained by the ingenious combination of wall lamp and downlight. If handled properly, it is not weaker than the beautification effect of chandelier. If the restaurant is spacious enough, it is the most ideal way to choose chandeliers as the main light source and wall lamps as auxiliary light. For example, combining the low hanging chandelier with the inlaid lamp on the ceiling can also provide local lighting for the dining table on the premise of meeting the basic lighting of the space. The combination forms of chandeliers are diverse, including single lamp, three rows, multiple small lamps embedded in the glass plate, and multiple lamp balls arranged in different sizes. When choosing the restaurant chandelier, the size of the lamp should be determined according to the size of the dining table. If the dining table is long, a row of small chandeliers should be selected, and each small lamp is controlled by the, so that the corresponding number of chandeliers can be turned on according to the dining needs. If it is a folding dining table, you can choose the retractable stainless steel circular chandelier to expand the lighting space as needed at any time. The single chandelier or wind bell shaped chandelier is more suitable to match with the square dining table or round dining table. While meeting the basic lighting, restaurant lights pay more attention to creating a dining mood and setting off a warm and romantic home atmosphere. Therefore, we should try to choose a light source with warm color and adjustable brightness, rather than blindly choose an energy-saving lamp with cold white light like a fluorescent lamp in order to save electricity. Open style is often integrated with or connected. Therefore, the style you choose should take into account the connected room style, either modern, classical, Chinese or European. If it is a stand-alone restaurant, the selection and combination of lamps can be arbitrary, as long as they match the overall style. In short, different lamps will show different light and shadow effects due to different structures and installation positions. In the matching of lamps, lamps need to be selected according to personal eating habits and the actual placement of tables, chairs and tableware, showing a rich sense of hierarchy.

(3) In the study, the lamp with stable brightness must be selected. Compared with natural light, the light emitted by ordinary light bulbs is obviously reddish, which reduces the resolution of human eyes. Therefore, if you want to see the font on the book, you must close your eyes very close. Although the light emitted by ordinary fluorescent lamps is white, because it is directly lit by 50Hz AC, the brightness of fluorescent lamps will change constantly, which is the stroboscopic phenomenon of fluorescent lamps. If you study under the flashing fluorescent lamp for a long time, your eyes will also feel tired. The study lighting should be bright and soft. The main light is turned on when there are two or three confidants chatting or receiving guests to taste tea in the study, while the desk lamp can be turned on when reading and studying at ordinary times. The type selection of table lamp should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs. It is not suitable to choose colored glass diffuse or gauze cover decorative process table lamp, because the process table lamp less considers the lighting function and pays too much attention to the decorative effect. Here, the direct type table lamp with reflector and lower opening shall be selected, that is, the working table lamp or writing table lamp. The light source of the table lamp is usually incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Several small spotlights can be installed in the bookcase to illuminate from top to bottom. This kind of lighting can not only make it convenient for us to find books, but also maintain the temperature and prevent the books from being damp and mildew.

(4) The lighting of bedroom can be divided into general lighting, local lighting and lighting. General lighting for living room rest; Local lighting includes dressing, reading, dressing and collection; Decorative lighting is mainly to create the space atmosphere of the bedroom, such as romantic, warm and other atmosphere. For the ordinary lighting of the bedroom, when matching, pay attention to the light not to be too strong or white, which is easy to make the room look dull and lifeless. It is best to choose warm color light, which will make the bedroom feel more warm. In addition to ordinary lighting, the bedroom should be equipped with local combined lighting, such as bedside lights beside the bed for easy reading; The local lighting on the dresser and wardrobe can facilitate the whole makeup. For the lighting of the dresser, it is the wisest way to install lights on both sides of the vanity mirror, but pay attention to that the light should not be too white or too strong, and try to be close to the natural light.

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