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National Research Council of Canada Research Daylighting Design Practice Survey

Anca D. Galasiu of the National Research Council of Canada and C. F. Reinhart of MIT have co-authored a report, A Survey of Current Daylighting Design Practices, which seeks to create a snapshot of current daylighting design practices.

Their objectives were to.

(1) To understand which lighting performance indicators and design tools are currently used by design practitioners to integrate lighting into their projects.
(2) To identify additional information needed beyond that available in current design guidelines.
(3) To make recommendations on the content and format of a new lighting design guide that would meet these needs.

Responses from 177 participants indicated that over 90% of practitioners surveyed supported the development of a new light design guide that would provide online access to simple calculation methods and more advanced light design tools. The survey results also indicate that a variety of non-standardised daylight prediction methods - mainly rules of thumb - are being used and that there is no accepted method for assessing the performance and quality of lighting systems in terms of energy efficiency, glare protection, daylight factors and external views.

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