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What are the types of desk lamps

Desk lamp is an indispensable tool in our life. How much do you know about the types of desk lamps? Now let's take a look at the types of table lamps? It is usually divided into two types: craft table lamp and writing table lamp.

1. Craft table lamp craft table lamp has glass grinding, ceramic colored glaze, cloisonne and plastic spraying products, emphasizing artistic modeling and decorative effect.

2. Writing desk lamp writing desk lamp includes metal serpentine working desk lamp, clamp type spring rocker arm suspension desk lamp, seat type dimmable all plastic desk lamp, seat type dimmable enamel desk lamp, copper seat classical desk column grooved single porcelain cover desk lamp, grooved double porcelain cover desk lamp, classical candle desk lamp, classical kerosene lamp desk lamp, double lamp head mother glass desk lamp, etc. its function is for reading and writing, The lampshade is mostly opaque or semi transparent to concentrate the light. Incandescent bulb light source shall be used as far as possible, and low wattage fluorescent tube lamp shall not be used, otherwise it will have adverse effects on people's eyes.

The above is the introduction of two kinds of bedroom desk lamps. For bedroom decoration design, many things will become factors affecting the whole bedroom environment, such as bedroom color matching, bedroom style selection and so on. These problems should also be taken into account in the selection of bedroom desk lamps.

According to the installed light source, the table lamp can be divided into

1) Incandescent worktable lamp incandescent worktable lamp is equipped with good reflector and good light projection performance, which can ensure sufficient illumination value on the working surface and play a good role in protecting human vision. Desk lamps are widely used in offices, reading rooms and other workplaces that need local lighting.

2) Art Table Lamp Art table lamp has a high grade. While meeting the lighting function, it should also make the table lamp have a certain artistic beauty to meet the aesthetic needs of users. At present, the artistic table lamps on the market have different shapes, breaking through people's understanding of table lamps in the traditional sense and becoming a new generation of handicrafts. However, it should be noted that art table lamps can be used for life lighting, not for writing lighting. 3) Fluorescent table lamp straight tube fluorescent table lamp. The straight tube fluorescent table lamp is limited by the straight tube fluorescent tube. Its shape is relatively simple. Its styles are not as rich and diverse as incandescent table lamps. Most of them adopt an opaque or almost opaque metal cover, which can not only reflect light to increase the illumination of the working face and make the light distribution reasonable and uniform, but also have a certain shading angle to protect vision. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent table lamps is higher than that of incandescent lamps. Compact fluorescent table lamp. The compact fluorescent table lamp takes the compact fluorescent lamp as the light source. Due to the small volume of the lamp tube, it can not only give full play to the advantages of high luminous efficiency of the fluorescent table lamp, but also have a flexible and rich appearance like an incandescent table lamp.

After reading the above article introduction, I hope you should understand this problem. I hope it can help you in your life.

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