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Installation methods of several lamps

1. Chandelier: when the chandelier is installed on the top surface of concrete, it can be fastened with embedded parts, through bolts and expansion bolts. During installation, the specification of the expansion bolt used can be determined according to the theme and weight of the lamp, but the minimum should not be less than M6 (mm), the multi head chandelier should not be less than M8 (mm), and the number of bolts should be at least 2 less. Light self tapping expansion pipe screws cannot be used.

2. Ceiling lamp: the ceiling lamp has a round, square or rectangular base (chassis), with different sizes. The lamp base can be fastened with expansion bolts or wood screws on embedded wood bricks. If the diameter of the base of the lamp holder exceeds 100mm, 2 screws must be used. If embedded bolts and through bolts are used for the installation of lamp base, the bolt diameter shall not be less than 6mm. Wood screws can be used to fix the lamps on the bottom platform, and the number of wood screws shall not be less than the number of mounting holes given by the lamps.

3. Wall lamp: according to the structure of the base, the wall lamp can adopt the bottom platform or not. When using the bottom platform, fix the bottom platform first, and then fix the wall lamp on the bottom platform.

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