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What are the advantages of glass table lamp

1. Environmentally friendly lamps. The LED tube does not use mercury, and the glass table lamp products do not contain harmful substances such as lead. The shell can also be recycled, which has no destructive effect on the environment. Glass desk lamp is recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century. 2. Less fever. The light efficiency of the glass desk lamp has reached 140lm / W, with high light conversion rate. The surface temperature of the product is below 60 ℃, which does not produce ultraviolet rays and will not fade documents and clothes. 3. No noise. Glass table lamp will not produce noise, and it is the best choice for the occasions where precision electronic instruments are used. Suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions. 4. Protect your eyes. Glass table lamp adopts LED constant current operation, which is to directly convert AC into DC, effectively reduce LED light attenuation, start quickly, no flicker and protect eyes. 5. No mosquito trouble. Glass desk lamp will not produce ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and has less heating. Therefore, there will not be many mosquitoes around the lamp source like traditional lamps. The interior will become cleaner and tidy.

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