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Types of glass

Introduction: decorative glass is a glass product specially used in decoration. Most of them are deeply processed, including carved flowers, ground flowers, frosted, painted and so on.

1. Tempered glass. It is a kind of prestressed glass made of ordinary flat glass after reprocessing. Compared with ordinary flat glass, tempered glass has two characteristics:

The strength of the former is several times that of the latter, the tensile strength is more than 3 times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than 5 times that of the latter;

Toughened glass is not easy to break. Even if it is broken, it will break in the form of particles without acute angles, greatly reducing the harm to human body.

2. Embossed glass. It is a kind of flat glass manufactured by calendering method. Its biggest feature is transparent and opaque, which is mostly used in toilet and other decoration areas.

3. Sandblasted glass. The performance is basically similar to that of frosted glass, and different frosted glass is changed to sand blasting. Because they are visually similar, many owners and even decoration professionals confuse them.

4. Frosted glass. It is also made by grinding and processing on the ordinary flat glass. Generally, the thickness is less than 9 cm, and more than 5 or 6 cm.

5. Wire glass. It is a kind of impact resistant flat glass made of metal wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass plate by calendering method. When impacted, it will only form radial cracks without falling and wounding people. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and factories with strong vibration.

6. Bulletproof glass. In fact, it is a kind of laminated glass, but the glass composed mostly adopts toughened glass with high strength, and the number of interlayer is relatively large. It is mostly used in decoration projects with high safety requirements such as banks or luxury houses.

7. Laminated glass. Laminated glass is generally composed of two pieces of ordinary flat glass and organic adhesive layer between glass. When it is damaged, the fragments still adhere to the adhesive layer to avoid the damage of fragments to human body. It is mostly used for decoration projects with safety requirements.

8. Insulating glass. The two pieces of glass are kept at a certain interval by bonding method. The interval is dry air, and the periphery is sealed with sealing materials. It is mainly used in decoration projects with sound insulation requirements.

9. Hot bend glass. The curved glass is made by heating and softening the flat glass, forming it in the mold, and then annealing. In some senior decoration, the frequency is higher and higher, which needs to be booked and there is no stock.

10. Glass brick. The manufacturing process of glass brick is basically the same as that of flat glass, except for the molding method. Between them is dry air. It is mostly used in decorative projects or transparent modeling with thermal insulation requirements.

11. Cellophane. Also known as glass film, it has a variety of colors and designs. According to the different properties of paper film, it has different properties. Most of them play the role of heat insulation, anti infrared, anti ultraviolet, explosion-proof and so on.

The above are the types of decorative glass introduced to you. I believe you have more knowledge about decorative glass and hope to help you

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