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Common lamp installation

1. Lamps and accessories shall be complete and free from defects such as mechanical damage, deformation, paint peeling and lampshade cracking.

2. The bearing capacity of the fixings on the wall ceiling where the lamps are installed shall match the weight of the lamps.

3. The chandelier shall be equipped with wire hanging box, and each wire hanging box can only be equipped with one set of chandelier. The surface of the chandelier must be well insulated without joints, and the cross section of the conductor shall not be less than 0.4mm2. The wiring in the wire hanging box shall take measures to prevent the lamp from falling due to the stress of the wire head. Lamps weighing more than 1kg shall be equipped with hanging chains. When the weight of chandeliers exceeds 3kg, they shall be fixed by embedded hooks or bolts. The light wire of the hanging chain lamp shall not be subject to tension, and the light wire shall be braided and forked with the hanging chain.

4. Ceiling lamps with incandescent lamps as light sources shall not be directly installed on combustible components; The bulb shall not be close to the lampshade; When the distance between the bulb and the insulating table is less than 5mm, thermal insulation measures shall be taken between the bulb and the insulating table. The power of incandescent lamps shall not exceed the larger power allowed by the lamps.

5. When the fluorescent lamp is used as the light source, the ballast shall be installed on the phase line, the lamp shall have a shell to prevent the lamp foot from falling off, and there shall be allowance in the lamp box. The frame of the giant lamp shall be parallel to the decorative straight line of the ceiling, and the frame of the lamp shall be close to the ceiling surface.

6. The phase line of the screw lamp cap shall be connected to the terminal of the core contact, the zero line shall be connected to the threaded terminal, and the insulating shell of the lamp cap shall be complete without damage and leakage.

7. The diameter of the hook for fixing the lantern shall not be less than the lamp hook, and the minimum diameter of the lamp shall not be less than 6mm.

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