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How to buy bedside lamp

1. There is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectral components.

2. The color temperature of light should be close to nature

3. The light is flickering without frequency

Experts remind: when buying a desk lamp, you can take a small gyro with you and rotate the gyro under the light. If there is no inverted visual illusion, it means that the lamp has no stroboscopic.

Style judgment and selection of products

Most bedside table lamps are craft table lamps, which are composed of lamp holder and lampshade. The lamp holder is made of ceramics, stone, cloisonne, bamboo, marble and other materials. Lampshades are often made of glass, metal, plastic, fabric, bamboo and rattan. Once the lampholder and lampshade are cleverly matched, the table lamp will become a beautiful art.

Craft table lamps do not emphasize the lighting function. Some craft table lamps even use colored glass diffuse lighting and gauze cover.

The appearance design of craft table lamp is very important, emphasizing artistic modeling and decorative effect. The shape of lamp holder adopts elegant vase type, pavilion desktop and crown type, and some even adopt novel telephone type.

The lampshade of the desk lamp is intended to concentrate light and increase brightness. However, for craft table lamps, their lampshades have also become a place for designers to show their skills. Some are designed into dome type and some are designed into straw hat shape. Each has its own brilliance.

The lampshade and lampholder should finally present the overall design effect. In addition, with the abundance of table lamp colors, consumers have more and more choices. At present, the colors of table lamps on the market include milky white, orange yellow, grass green, etc. you can choose table lamps of different styles and materials according to the room decoration style, so as to form a perfect match with other furnishings.

Nowadays, with the emergence of new light sources, a number of sculpture style craft table lamps have appeared. This craft table lamp, from the appearance, is either a vase that can arrange flowers, or a cartoon villain or a mermaid, and the light source is hidden inside.

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