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How big is the bedroom lamp more suitable?

It is usually divided into two types: craft table lamp and writing table lamp.

1. Craft table lamp

Craft table lamps include glass grinding, ceramic colored glaze, cloisonne and plastic spraying products, emphasizing art?? Modeling and decorative effect.

2. Writing desk lamp

Writing desk lamps include metal serpentine working desk lamp, clip type spring rocker arm suspension desk lamp, seat type dimmable all plastic desk lamp, seat type dimmable enamel desk lamp, copper seat classical desk column grooved single porcelain cover desk lamp, grooved double porcelain cover desk lamp, classical candle desk lamp, classical kerosene lamp desk lamp, double lamp head mother glass desk lamp, etc. their functions are used for reading and writing, The lampshade is mostly opaque or semi transparent to concentrate the light. Incandescent bulb light source shall be used as far as possible, and low wattage fluorescent tube lamp shall not be used, otherwise it will have adverse effects on people's eyes.

The above is the introduction of two kinds of bedroom desk lamps. For bedroom decoration design, many things will become factors affecting the whole bedroom environment, such as bedroom color matching, bedroom style selection and so on. These problems should also be taken into account in the selection of bedroom desk lamps. I hope I can help you.

Lamps and lanterns are a very important part of our daily life. They can not only illuminate, but also play a certain decorative effect. There are many kinds of lamps. Today, let's learn about bedside lamps and bedroom table lamps.

1、 Bedside lamp

Bedside lamps are lamps on both sides of the bedside, which are fixed and movable. The utility model can meet the needs of lying at the head of the bed and reading newspapers. It can be said to be a "night pearl" in the modern family bedroom. At night, just light up a small crystal gypsum lamp, and romance will come leisurely. The dreamy soft halo will create a warm, romantic and quiet room.

2、 Bedroom table lamp is a kind of household appliance used for lighting in people's life. It is generally divided into two types, one is column type, the other is clip type. Its working principle is to concentrate the light in a small area, which is convenient for work and learning.

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