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Blossom with differentiated lighting

Lamps, light fittings, the art of light. Aren't they all about lamps? Yes, but luminaires, with their emphasis on the function of the object; light fittings, with their emphasis on the decorative device; and light art, with their emphasis on the aesthetics of light. We believe: "There is no real hierarchy between the terms luminaire, light decoration and light art, but each has its own focus. We should absorb the beauty of the differences in things and fully perceive the different charms of light in terms of function, decoration and humanity." It is for this reason that, in order to create a greater differentiated lighting market, a designer original lighting brand with an emphasis on humanism has been created on the basis of differentiated customised commercial lighting.

Firstly, the trend towards a globalised economy has led to a continued lack of products with better value for money as well. We represent the typical European lifestyle of Simplicity.

We focus on a lamp that cares for the human heart and enlightens people in their lives. At the moment, we see that the fast-paced life, with its full schedule, does not allow people to spend time with themselves, especially to take a moment to look inside themselves. For this reason, we want to use a uniquely designed lamp to illuminate a space with nostalgia and warmth for the busy masses.

All this is the result of a quest, or a bit of fearless courage. It all comes from a live experience, what you see is what you get, to express the mainstream lifestyle of European minimalism to the young new generation.

With the mission to improve space lighting, we have invested in the niche area of customised and differentiated lighting art.

Today, we have a whole new sense of mission. Solo White has released eight collections of lights based around materials, optics and design aesthetics. Each series has its own unique flavour and meaning, and continues the lighting character with a distinctive interpretation of the space.

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