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The scope of use of Tiffany lamps

The use of Tiffany lamps is not only limited to the home, but also widely used in commercial places, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, jewelry stores, and sports venues, such as pool halls, ping pong halls, etc. In some places it can not only enhance the atmosphere of the space, but also ease people's mood.
For example, the bar, the general bar owners will choose some blue chandeliers, because this color can relieve people's fatigue, after work into the bar people, are trying to get the brain to relax, blue more calm people.
The same is true for the coffee shop, will choose blue or green table lamps as decoration, in the people drink coffee at the same time, accompanied by relaxing colors, more shorten the distance between people.
Most of the floral lamps for older people like, because this with a pattern, five colors and six colors of the lampshade, more representative of nature, if the home is a single color, then the choice of such lamps for decoration and lighting, is more than suitable, you can give to parents or elders, they will like very much.

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