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Idyllic Tiffany Table Lamp

Garden style Tiffany lamps often use flowers, wisteria, leaves, birds and fruits as design elements, and the background color is often green or blue. With pastoral style furniture, it is integrated with nature. This design makes people more pastoral in life and makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. It's like being in nature.

If you choose rural style chandeliers or table lamps in the kitchen, you will generally choose the lampshade with the pattern of fruits and vegetables, which makes the whole kitchen look very warm and natural.

Pastoral style Tiffany table lamps are often matched with light furniture colors, such as green, blue and white. Such matching is closer to nature and makes people feel comfortable.

The pastoral style is different from the Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean prefers the color of the sea, mainly blue and white, while the pastoral style desk lamp is generally dominated by green, with red flowers, purple grapes, colored birds, etc.

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