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Merry Christmas

1、Every day my motivation is to see you and talk to you. Happy Christmas!

2、Miss a season of flowers, is my boundless congratulations, I wish your youth, full of flowers, full of fragrance. I wish you a merry Christmas and everlasting youth!

3、My heart beats every time I miss you once, until my life stops, my heart doesn't beat any more! I love you! Merry Christmas!

4、When the bell rings, I am yours. Don't think wrong, it's not the wedding bell, it's the Christmas bell, and I'm the one you owe the gift!

5、Have a warm Christmas!

6、Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

7、Santa said he's going to put the presents in our socks this year. So, you have to be with me on Christmas Eve.

8、I will not believe in eternal love, but I believe that I will love you more and more day by day. Merry Christmas!

9、Santa, you have received my blessing now. Please run to the chimney and wait for the gift delivery. Thank you.

10、With the advent of Christmas Eve, I say to you: always safe. Let this peaceful melody accompany you through your life.

11、There are no stars in my eyes, but the sea is shining, because you are in it. Happy Christmas, honey!

12、If I could spend Christmas with you every year, I would like to exchange my love for a lifetime.

13、Send an early Christmas present, hope you will like it! I can tell you that I like you, but it doesn't mean love! Merry Christmas!

14、Time is like a poem, every sentence is melodious. Friendship is like a song. Warm season, full of thoughts, wish you a happy Christmas!

15、Would you like to be my Santa Claus this year, putting presents on my bed on Christmas night.

16、I want to put my hand in your hand, let you lead me into the Church of Christmas and celebrate our Christmas!

17、What kind of Christmas, with you, which day is not more grand than this festival.

18、Happy Christmas, long deer bell, pass my blessing, send you gifts, wish you smile. Happy Christmas!

19、Happy Christmas. I hope I will accompany you every Christmas.

20、On Christmas Eve, may Noah's Ark bring sincere greetings when the holy snowflakes are floating in the sky.

21、May God give you happiness!

22、Your peace is my wish, your sincerity is my happiness, and the gift I give you is the blessing of my life! Happy Christmas!

23、May those who know that Christmas is coming will forget and forgive all the unhappiness in the past. Let's go hand in hand!

24、Until life stops, every heartbeat miss you. Heart no longer Beats! Love you, Merry Christmas!

25、Once I dreamed of walking around the world with a sword. After meeting you, I just want to stay at home with you. Happy Christmas!

26、May the Christmas greeting bring you joy, my good friend.

27、The messenger of Christmas Eve, to you a peace, with this Yingying Acacia, with warm wishes, wish you a happy Christmas!!

28、I wish you peace and happiness at Christmas!

29、If you don't leave me, I'll live and die. I'll wait for you at the corner of the street. I don't want to spend Christmas alone.

30、I can't remember my birth, I can't remember my first camping, but I remember the beautiful you on Christmas day.

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